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Mobile-App-Mint AppMint Drag-and-Drop Mobile App Builder

AppMint leverages HTML5 with the popular jQuery Mobile framework so you don’t have to. You create your app once, and it can be deployed not only as a mobile web app on your website, but also as a ‘hybrid’ app for Android, iOS and Windows Phone (utilizing PhoneGap Build or your own Apache Cordova setup). Plus, since the app builder runs great offline inside the Chrome browser, work anywhere you are without worrying about a weak or insecure wi-fi signal.


AppRobot Macro Recorderdrag-drop

Automate clicks and repetitive tasks on your computer.
1) Record mouse movements, clicks, and keystrokes.
2) Replay & auto-repeat macros on your Windows computer.
3) Save your macros to a file or convert them to a standalone .EXE
4) Schedule your .EXE macro to run at certain times with Task Scheduler.


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