Automate any Windows app

AppRobot automation and macro designer enables individuals and enterprise developers to quickly and easily automate anything
on Windows and web browsers, from repetitive daily tasks such as
pulling reports to entire business processes, delivering
proven ROI of 10x and higher!

Automateany task

Eliminate time-consuming, repetitive tasks. Anything you do on your Windows computer or the Internet can be automated with AppRobot,
freeing your time to focus on what truly matters.

  • Pull Daily Reports
  • Automate Internet Browsing
  • Record/Replay Macros
  • Handle Email
  • Schedule Tasks
Automate Anything
Boost ROI With Automation

Proven ROIimmediately

On average, our customers experience ROI of 10x and more on every business process automated with AppRobot.

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To Codeor not to code

With AppRobot Designer, create automation macros or scripts easily without any programming knowledge. And, leverage the powerful and simple-to-learn
VBScript language to develop even more advanced automation.

  • No programming required
  • Record and replay user macros
  • Powerful Windows integration and scripting with VBScript
  • Plethora of available script examples
  • Strong community support

Screenshotsin action

AppRobot Macro Recorder
AppRobot + Selenium Web App Automation
AppRobot UI Automation
AppRobot Item Explorer
App Buyer Client

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