Automate 10x Faster

Automate anything on Windows & web browsers,
from repetitive daily tasks such as reporting
to entire business processes -> 10x faster!

Automateany task

Eliminate time-consuming, repetitive tasks. Anything you do on your Windows computer or the Internet can be automated with AppRobot,
freeing your time to focus on what truly matters.

  • Pull Daily Reports
  • Automate Internet Browsing
  • Record/Replay Macros
  • Handle Email
  • Schedule Tasks
Automate Anything
Boost ROI With Automation

Proven ROIimmediately

On average, our customers experience ROI of 10x and more on every business process automated with AppRobot.

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To Codeor not to code

With AppRobot Designer, create automation macros or scripts easily without any programming knowledge. And, leverage the powerful and simple-to-learn
VBScript language to develop even more advanced automation.

  • No programming required
  • Record and replay user macros
  • Powerful Windows integration and scripting with VBScript
  • Plethora of available script examples
  • Strong community support

Screenshotsin action

AppRobot Macro Recorder
AppRobot + Selenium Web App Automation
AppRobot UI Automation
AppRobot Item Explorer

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